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Toxic People Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Toxic People is a new party card game up on Kickstarter that's looking for some funding love. A player is given an option of 3 super powers, each with their own, horrendous side-effect. Other players guess which super-power will be chosen. If they guess right, they get a point. The player then takes their super-power and adds it to their repertoire, slowly building up who their super-powered persona will be.
The campaign is up on Kickstarter until April 2nd.

From the campaign:

Imagine you had telekinesis. Now imagine that you peed your pants every time you used it. Would you want it? Could you contain yourself?

During a super power themed bout of Would You Rather, a new game emerged. How much crap would you put up with to have various super powers? Given options, what would you choose? What would your friends choose?

There's a minimum of 3 players and each game consists of 3 rounds. You're building a character and each round is made in the context of previous rounds. Given the powers you've already chosen, what will you chose now? In addition, some cards are special, and can be used to take risks or screw with other people's powers.