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Town Center 4th edition up on Kickstarter

LudiCreations has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Town Center's 4th edition. They've already doubled their funding goal with still 30 days to go.


From the campaign:

Town Center has been through a lot. It has been done in tiny 10mm cubes, in Lego bricks, in big 16mm cubes, even in giant 30mm cubes. Now, it is time for the game to reach its full potential, and be published for all to enjoy building their city, growing it to become a mini-metropolis.

Town Center could be the best adaptation of a city-sim computer game, *and* a fun, challenging board game in its own right.

With your support, we have the opportunity to create a living game that fulfills Alban's vision for everything this fine specimen of European game design can be.