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Tourny.Org, your one-stop shop for event info for any game, created by a good friend of mine, has launched. It's to be a one-stop place to find all events for the systems you play in the place you live.

From the launch:

Tourny.Org solves organization and communication problems for the local gamer.

Tourny.Org provides gamers with a single view that allows them to find the what, when and where for organized gaming in their area. Imagine a world where you can get that information without having to review local & game system forums or be mired in phone calls. This will now be possible as all that information we begin to be aggregated into a single place that is both aware of when, and where.

Tourny.Org solves this issue, offering gamers the ability to subscribe to events by specifying what systems they care about and how far they are willing to travel. The difficult and time consuming process of mining forums is replaced with automatic, personalized email alerts, providing details of specific activities in their area based on user subscriptions.

Tourny.Org is proud to announce its public Beta; Card-, board- and tabletop-gamers now have the ability to be alerted to upcoming events in their area. During the Beta period we will be focused on collecting feedback and expanding our event sourcing to include additional game systems. Simply log in, choose your subscriptions, and we’ll take care of the rest. We are focusing on getting the most popular game systems added.