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Tourney Racks from Tectonic Craft Studios on sale in June

Tectonic Craft Studios is having a sale on their Tourney Racks over in their website for the month of June.


From the announcement:

Tournament season is in full swing what are you bringing your army around on? Cookie sheets?! Show up to the steamroller with a tray that can handle your army- a TCS Tourney Rack!

Until midnight on June 30th, enter "201406GotRacks?" and receive 20% off your tourney rack!

These racks are high quality carrying trays to securely transport your models from table to table without packing them up in between each match. Great for tournaments or casual play events.

Full Racks come in 4 varieties to adapt to a variety of lists for most skirmish and some full war scaled games.

Half Racks come in 7 varieties and can adapt to most skirmish games and low point skirmish game lists.

Be sure to use code "201406GotRacks?" to get 20% off your tourney rack and show up to your game prepared.