Total Extinction a new sci-fi wargame in the works from Sentinel Games

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 28th, 2013

Sentinel Games has announced their new sci-fi minis game they’re working on called Total Extinction. Go check it out.

From the announcement:

It is the year 562, the age of Diaspora. Humanity, established in hundreds of worlds throughout the known universe, is fighting for survival against cruel alien races, and even against each other as confronted by disputes that appear increasingly absurd.

One world after another is engulfed by the fury of the war while the contenders are fighting ruthlessly to prevent Total Extinction.

Total Extinction is a futuristic wargame with miniatures of 28mm for 2 or more players.

Players take command of a battalion of troops from one of the Star Nations (Glorlon, Union Colony, Regulatory Corporation, Elohim, Wolvar or Theocracy) facing a relentless war for survival. Each battalion is divided into units consisting of between 1 and 9 miniatures and led by a commander.

The game is divided into a series of turns (typically up to 6) which can be solved in about 2 hours. On each turn, alternately, players are activating their units that can move, shoot and even assault enemy units to take control of key areas of the battlefield (Objectives) and win the game. To achieve the victory, the armies also have the help of their commanders, who, by skillful tactics (represented by cards), can provide better techniques to attain their goals.

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  • Ghost

    I don’t think we need this; the setting is uninspiring, the scope is familiar and the miniatures will need to be outstanding to prevent this being an immediate flop. Tactics Cards aren’t going to be enough to save this.

    • Soulfinger

      But players take turns with units that can “move, shoot and even assault enemy units,” and it’s set in a grim, dark future in a “universe at war.” There are even objectives. Inspired!

      Credit where it is due though, I really like their concept art for the Elohim Lancer. If everything else about the game were as interesting, I’d buy. I bet that the Wolvar automatically lose every battle, as I expect they instantly commit suicide out of shame at being called “Wolvar.”

      • KelRiever

        Space commies make it complete.

  • Sentinel

    I´m Salva from Sentinel Games.
    Thanks for your comments, we will try to do our best to change your opinions.
    In a few days we will have an extended background so you can read it and have a more acurate view of them.
    We are working to do awesome miniatures, I hope you think the same when we have the first finished protypes.
    About the gameplay, before we release the game, we will publish the beta rules so everybody can review.


    The use of the word “battalion” is the main thing that put’s me off. It gives me visions of adding another big army to my collection, which I’ll probably need 2 of, until I get my friends interested.

    Provided you can start with a small skirmish force (max 30 figures) and as mentioned by Ghost, they’re good quality, but not too expensive, it might work. If not then it could be on the shelf next to Gates of Antares.

    Not to be too negative… the Elohim look very inspired by the Babylon 5 Vorlons, which is good! I really like the look of the 2 Glorlon walkers too 🙂

    • Soulfinger

      Similar helmet and life preserver, but you’re missing what he is packing beneath that robe. His torso is a big floaty crystal. So, I guess it’s more of a Protoss pylon with the Vorlon upper body you mentioned.

  • Sentinel

    In Total Extinction we have three organization levels:
    – unit (usually 1 to 9 miniatures, vehicles or soldiers)
    – company (up to 5 units plus a comandant)
    – battalion (one or more companies)
    The companies are set up following the order of battle provided, and a playable battalion can be of only one company, about 10-20 minis. We want a battles wargame that don´t mean a lot of minis (=money) to start playing

  • Marauder

    What happened to platoons?

  • Sentinel

    We avoid that term because in spanish is confusing (in spanish army a platoon has the size of a squad, we know the US platoons as “sections”). We want three terms that everybody could identify.
    Anyway if you think are better squad/platoon/company than squad/company/battalion we could think about it. Nothing is sacred!

    • cybogoblin

      You could use squad/platoon/company in the english rulebooks, and squad/company/battalion in the spanish rulebooks. As long as the terminology is consistent throughout the book, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Soulfinger

    What sets this apart from Warhammer 40K? The problem, as I see it, is that the announcement reads like a description of that game. Endless war in a dystopian future. Check. 28mm, 2 players. Check. Unit organization of 1-9 soldiers with commander. Check. IGUG turn structure. Check. Move, shoot, assault. Double check.

    I already own that game, so the brief mention of star nations and tactic cards just sound like minor twists to the standard. The concept art looks like fun, but nothing about your initial pitch makes me want to read an extended background or beta rules. In this supersaturated market, you really need to hook your audience with those first few concise paragraphs of text.

    Off the top of my head, if it’s a game called “Total Extinction” then how about an underlying issue with the suns inexplicably dying? This forces spacefaring races to abandon their homes and puts them in conflict as they attempt to forcibly colonize already settled worlds. The universe is ending, and nobody knows why (or do they?), but every race is scrabbling to be at the top of the hill of corpses in a vain hope to prevent the total extinction of all life — at least that of their species. Same everyone kills everyone premise as WH40K and comparable to the external threat of the Therians in AT-43, but a little bit of a step up from everyone is fighting because muzzle flare is the only light source in this dark future.

  • Grim6

    I like that fact that none of the art work made think of some “fantasy archetype in space” trope. No elves, knights, orcs, goblins, evil knights, dwarfs, or liches (so far). Overall, the art and concepts look very good.

    I do think that squad/platoon/company is a better designation, it makes more sense, and the sizes are roughly correct.

    It will be interesting so see how it develops. Unfortunately, there have been a few good looking games that have come and gone. Is there a plan for starter box sets, or complete games in a box (a la Spacehulk / Dwarf Kings Hold) etc to get people into the system? Is there going to be a Kickstarter?

  • Sentinel

    Writing a press release like the above is very difficult if is the first time and we have to do it better (I hope we can!). Anyway, I hope you have the time to give the background a chance and read it. Thanks for the suggestion, if you let me we can use some ideas.

    You got it! We don´t want space-fantasy, so we think in how can be real aliens: the glorlons are “cephalopods” evolutions, the elohim pure energy. The wolvar are the more similar to humanoids, a kind of mammals.
    About the organization designation we will talk about it and maybe change it.
    The release plan is a starter box with two armies (25 minis, including at least 2 vehicles) and expansion boxes of armies and units. We will start a Kickstarter in september/october, when we have the first protypes finished.

    • Soulfinger

      Dropped you an email. Glad to help if you need it.

  • I’m loving the look of the concept art and am looking forward to seeing the fluff and the rules.