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Total Extinction a new sci-fi wargame in the works from Sentinel Games

Sentinel Games has announced their new sci-fi minis game they're working on called Total Extinction. Go check it out.

From the announcement:

It is the year 562, the age of Diaspora. Humanity, established in hundreds of worlds throughout the known universe, is fighting for survival against cruel alien races, and even against each other as confronted by disputes that appear increasingly absurd.

One world after another is engulfed by the fury of the war while the contenders are fighting ruthlessly to prevent Total Extinction.

Total Extinction is a futuristic wargame with miniatures of 28mm for 2 or more players.

Players take command of a battalion of troops from one of the Star Nations (Glorlon, Union Colony, Regulatory Corporation, Elohim, Wolvar or Theocracy) facing a relentless war for survival. Each battalion is divided into units consisting of between 1 and 9 miniatures and led by a commander.

The game is divided into a series of turns (typically up to 6) which can be solved in about 2 hours. On each turn, alternately, players are activating their units that can move, shoot and even assault enemy units to take control of key areas of the battlefield (Objectives) and win the game. To achieve the victory, the armies also have the help of their commanders, who, by skillful tactics (represented by cards), can provide better techniques to attain their goals.