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Total Con 2011 FOW event info

Total Con 2011 will be holding several Flames of War events.

From their announcement:
Total Con 2011 Blitzkieg Event
Date: Saturday February 26, 2011
Time: 10:00 pm - 12:00 pm 12:30pm –2:30pm, 3:00pm –5:00pm, 5:30pm Awards
Author: Gordon – (send pre-registration army lists)
Reminder: are at
Register w/Adler Hobby 603 465-7072
Flames of War Early war event 1500 points, three 2-hour rounds, with 1/2 hr breaks in between each round to switch tables and tally scores. Prizes include painted platoons of FOW models as well as support from battlefront.

Total Con MID-WAR MONSTERS Mega Battle- Qualifier
Date: Sunday February 27, 2011
Time: 9:00 am - 11:30 am, 11:30pm-12 :00pm break, 12:00pm –2:00pm, 3pm awards
Author: Gordon – (send pre-registration army lists)
Register w/Adler Hobby 603 465-7072
Bring your 1750 point mid-war list to this five hour event Starting at 9am Sunday at Total con 2011.

NOTE: every mid war list is welcome just be aware you maybe facing monsters. Huge prize package for this event. This will be a national qualifier if we get enough folks to qualify.

Their is no registration with Total con bot on the day of the show anyone who sent me their contact info & army list has first dibs on playing and gets a medic token.

So lets say I set up tables for 16 players and 18 showed up Id first check to see who is on the list then id fill open slots with folks who show up next, Anyone not able to play Id be certain they get they entrance fee refunded by the total con staff if they wanted to leave the gaming convention and not take part in something else its a big show lots of things to do....we had this happen last year it all worked out very well,

there's a fee to get into the gaming convention and then a small charge for some of the different events going on. I don't receive any of these and all fee goes towards hall rental and prizes...our hope is to break even thru sales at our retail table in the dealers room.

Its a very by the people for the people type event and it really shows.

On top of the normal BF prizes I get and donate for the FOW events theirs also a big prize room that total con staff provides(including donations from NE area stores) as you play games throughout the con you receive prize tickets from each round of gaming once you have a few you can go to the prize room and see what you can get one year at total con some local artist made up 15mm scenery, it reminds me a little of skee ball really fun and way better prizes.

If you want in on either of these FOW events send your full name and your army list to Gordon at doing so will also get you a "medic token" good for one free re-roll during the game above.