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Toshach Miniatures release Clix gaming accessory pack

Toshach Miniatures have released a gaming accessory pack for 28mm/Clix scale gaming. KEEP OUT! From their announcement:
The Toshach Miniatures KEEP OUT! 28mm/Clix scale accessory pack includes everything you need for security and crowd control, keeping pedestrians and vehicular traffic from going where they shouldn’t, and protecting topsecret installations from intruders. KEEP OUT! includes layered PDFs. The concrete barriers can be printed with a variety of finishes including graffiti and tire scuffs. The fence and gate files include six background color choices allowing for a better match with your tabletop terrain. KEEP OUT! includes:
  • concrete barriers
  • barricades
  • traffic pylons
  • traffic cones
  • razor wire fence with gates
  • retractable security barrier
  • guard house with furniture and computer
  • warning and keep out signage
  • paved road section