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Torn Armor updates us on their progress

Torn Armor gives us another update about how things are going with their Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

Happy Friday backers!

We have a little bit of ground to cover here, so let's jump straight into this:

The Portland company never got back to us with a quote. We really wanted to use them, but if you can't come up with a quote over a seven week period, then it probably wouldn't bode too well when we actually go into print. So we'll be going with a company out of China. They have a good reputation in the business and are promising a quick turn-a-round time. I'll post more about them as a separate update.

This means of course that everything has to be made pixel perfect for the print run and we're looking to YOU to help in that process. Enclosed are the rules, units & equipment cards, and unit cards (for the Maychians). There are some tweaks and things to finalize at our end that we are aware of, but here's where you come in: download these assets and give us your feedback. Do the rules need clarification in places or extra examples? Does a font offend you or is hard to read? Do the symbols being used on the unit cards confuse you?