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Torn Armor updates about game progress

Torn Armor lets us know how things are progressing with shipping, minis, and other such things in their latest update.


From the post:

Hi gang,

So ... yes ... wow ... we have a lot to talk about (and I suspect that we will have lots of updates coming over the next few months). I'd break this up into high-to-low priorities, but in all truth it's all equally important, so let's just jump straight in here:

Everything has arrived from China: Yes ... our modest little warehouse facility is now bursting at the seams with Torn Armor boxes and we could not be happier. The quality is exceptional and aside from a couple of burst shrink-wraps (due to the heat during transit, I'd surmise), nothing is damage and everything looks great.

Which obviously begs the question: "when can I have mine?" The great news is that shipping has already started! Everything will be handled in batches and naturally it will take longer for us to get boxes into the hands of our international backers, but very shortly we should be hearing from our USA backers as they receive their copy. We'll keep everything moving and - rest assured - if there are any hitches, lost parcels or what have you, everyone will get what is due.

You will also see that we are asking you to share unboxing photos and videos, or tails of your skirmishes, so please be sure to share when you get your copy of Torn Armor!