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Torn Armor unlocks Behemoths, adds referral program to Kickstarter

Torn Armor is still going strong on Kickstarter, but they want to be stronger, faster, better! To do so, they've updated their Kickstarter page with some bonuses by unlocking the behemoth-sized models early, adding a referral program and, why not, throwing in some 3D terrain options.

From the update:

Torn Armor has UNLOCKED their two behemoth assault units. Kickstarter page is being updated 3/13. Both will be available for purchase through their kickstarter.
We've announced the addition of 3d terrain to be added as optional add-ons (pictures to come later this week).

Also! Through 9PM PST 3/14 they are running a referral program: pledge $75 or more and get a buddy to do the same, have the buddy tell Natalya through the KS who referred them and you BOTH get $10 towards any add-on. You can refer as many friends as you like, but only through 9PM PST 3/14!