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Torn Armor previews concept art for new behemoth unit: Moriarty's Bell

Torn Armor has just under 2 weeks left on Kickstarter. They've posted up some preview sculpts as well as this artwork for a 3rd behemoth-sized unit: Moriarty's Bell.

From the update:

The third behemoth unit was announced earlier this week: Moriarty's Bell. A gnomish assault platofrm.

Gnomes not shown in this sketch. A few tweaks to the legs, arm positions etc, but you get the idea ... it's going to be MONSTROUS.

"Moriarty's Bell"

The gnomes of Torn are a very rare race; very few of them are seen about the world. Those that do exist are fixated with developing their life's dream: an invention to beat all inventions. Something that will indelibly place them into the annals of time. Every gnome chases a different dream, a different device, many spend decades tinkering with pieces, parts and gadgets all related to that masterwork creation.

And so enters "Moriarty's Bell."

This is a gnomish clockwork assault platform.

Concept artwork is going to be slightly tweaked and then taken through to final, but just imagine Wild-Wild-West, Steampunk, and Back to the Future. Imagine steam engines, metal crab arms, rivets, levers, more steam engines, wheels, and gnome spellcasters hurling random magic from the gantry. From the top something called a "Ploozmoo" belches forth violent magical energies, and down below Moriarty himself sits on his control platform, wrestling this contraption into the fray. With wild hair, a "British" pith hat upon his head, hussar jacket flapping open about his torso, and wild mustache perched under bulging eyes.

Ladies and gents, I announce to you: "Moriarty's Bell."

From a game perspective this will be a "Assault Behemoth" (called an Assault Platform). It will have two spell casters on the gantry and a wild gnomish spell-belcher (called a Ploozmoo). It will have the advantage of range, and the ability to attach spells to the unit (unheard of for assault types). But it will have the disadvantage of the ranged attacks and melee attacks being weaker than normal, and ... well ... this is gnomish ... if the ranged attacks miss during a round, it will take the entire of the next round to fix the problem, and if the melee attacks miss, then Moriarty's Bell actually hurts itself.