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Tor Gaming's May releases for Relics

Tor Gaming have sent details of their May 2011 releases for the Relics fantasy game. Orcnar Beorn From their announcement:
We have three new releases for May, with expected release date of 28th May): Orcnar Beorn ~ 40mm tall - £7.00: Vaettir Vstonin ~ 40mm tall £5.90 (temp pic on store - will be replaced soon....) What better way to start your journey into Relics than to pick up a starter set. Vaettir Starter Set - £19.00 This pack is great value and provides the players with:
  • 3 Varriers ~ 28mm tall
  • 4 Varbres ~ 32mm tall
  • 1 Vstonin ~ 40mm tall
With the alpha rules now available for download, and the Kings Own Demo Corps program starting now, there is no perfect time to order some Relics miniatures and get yourself in on the action.