Tor Gaming wants you to help them make their games better

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 19th, 2012

Tor Gaming is looking to add to their playtester ranks. Could your group be the ones to join up?

We need you to help us make our games the best they can be.

We are looking for more people to join our testing program and take part in testing new rules and games before they hit the market.

Currently we have the Relics army list for the C’thu and the Ridend in testing and soon there will be a Relics campaign system needing your attention. And that is just the Relics related stuff!

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  • I like how a lot of these smaller companies are asking for playtesters but what they really want is unpaid game designers.

  • Toyznthehood

    I think it’s good that companies want others in the community to be involved and if it allows small companies to release better sets of rules then i’m all for it.

    • You’re missing the part where that’s normally someone’s job.. as in .. how they make a living. People get degrees in game design and study it as a legitimate industry in hopes of landing a job like this. The problem is.. TOR (and other game companies)are riding on the idea of “beta testers” for video games (which are primarily unpaid) and hoping to build their business on other people’s free work.
      There are several people, myself included, who have 4-year degrees, studied all manner of psychology of gaming, various principle of game design and balance, etc.. and can’t get work because these companies are convinced that they can get free labor by exploiting an over-eager internet community.

      • I’m glad you’ve got such fabulous insights into a one-man gaming operation like Tor. Asking interested parties to playtest is A’OK with me, especially as much bigger companies have been doing this since games were invented.

        How about instead of moaning, you volunteer, do a stellar job and get some more published game credits on your resume?

        • I’m glad you’ve got so much insight into my career and past efforts of testing. I’ve volunteered for more than enough and am still paying loans while “building credentials” and watching this trend grow over the past 5-10 years. If this “one-man operation” wants to pretend he’s an actual company, then he needs to man up and actually hire a staff.. They’re called business loans for a reason.

          • Further.. Successful companies have historically been successful because they hire the best and brightest.. not because they feed off of the free scraps found about the internet. Food for thought.

          • You’re still missing the point. Getting experienced wargamers to test games for free has been part of the development process since before the Internet was invented.

          • The point I’m making is that if he’s just 1 person that just made up some rules and is trying to get everyone on the internet to fix them, then he isn’t a gaming company.. he’s basically every other gamer out there.

            Look, if you prefer games companies NOT invest in staff and people who really love games NOT seek actual employment in the industry, then by all means, support hacks like TOR.
            Imagine if every business out there decided they no longer needed an IT department because you can Google installation and troubleshooting instructions on just about anything.
            What if every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there cooked a couple of meals and then suddenly decided they could call themselves a chef?

            If he’s actually looking for playtesters that’s fine.
            What he is eluding to is quite different though. Play testers are intended to find errors, gaps, etc.. NOT RND. Making things better is inherrently an RnD type of job. It makes me sad that you, as a staff member for one of the largest tabletop gaming news sites in the world do not understand this distinction.

          • No he’s asking for playtesters, look it’s up there in the 2nd sentence of the post

            “We are looking for more people to join our testing program and take part in testing new rules and games before they hit the market.”

            They haven’t asked for part time games designers, they want people to test the rules, find problems and report back so they can be fixed by the guy who is writing the rules

            Many companies do the same, and the reason they do it is because it works and btw he also sells produces figures, and writes rules which makes him a gaming company in my eyes.

            unlike you…….

  • Tor Gaming

    Hi 4tonmantis

    Thanks for your kind words of support.

    We are not advertising for development work, we are looking for people who want to contribute to test our rules and feedback the issues they find and we have missed – because amazingly the more eyes that look at something the more chance the small loop holes will be found.

    Yes, it is a unpaid role, but it is means for potential people to prove themselves for future paid work. all member of our testing program also receive a hefty discount which they can use for what ever means they wish. We will also provide them with references if they require. So, it’s not just a one way program.

    Also, it’s not just the ‘one man bands’ looking for playtesters, I notice you didn’t comment here, maybe you missed it?: I have a funny feeling our program is considerably smaller than theirs.

    I would also appreciate it if you would refrain from making such slanderous remarks as ‘hacks’ about us or any other gaming company no matter their size. You do not have inside knowledge of how Tor Gaming. Until you do, it would probably be best to refrain from making targeted comments like that as you are unable to back them up with the proof you would be required to present if a slanderous lawsuit was filed against you.

    One last thing, you mention in your second comment about having degrees in gaming realted disciplines but can’t seem to get a job in the industry. Well, just like so many other companies in this world, when we do vet people for paid work, we tend to look into their online activity to see how their online actions could reflect on the company. If you really wanted to work in this industry it may be best to think before posting comments on sites such as above as it doesn’t give a great impression of you.

    Tor Gaming

  • Tor Gaming

    Sorry, that should be libel, not slander in my previous comment. Long day. tsk

    • 4tonmantis

      Ah, well, since we’re breaking out imaginary pre-law degrees, I would point out that there is the burden of proof towards damages that must first be established. Also, seeing as how calling you/your company a hack/hacks is my opinion and editorial in nature it’s not covered since I am not claiming to be fact but rather based on my personal viewpoint.
      I would also point out that Grant actually was the one who implied that your company was a one-man show. This was news to me, but I accepted it as truth since he appeared to know you.
      If your company is in fact NOT a single person huddled in a basement somewhere, then I think you should consider going after him with your scary libel charge.

      As for getting work in the game industry.. I learned a long time ago that tabletop/board games are far more profitable if you start your own little company, make up your own rules, use kickstarter to fund everything, and have people online tell you what to make. I’ve found far greener pastures and the 4 year game design degree that I have is basically a waste of time.. kinda like this conversation.

  • antenociti

    +1 Gavin

  • antenociti

    basically a waste of time.. kinda like
    this conversation.

    well, one side of it anyway.