Tor Gaming updates with new prices for Alkemy

Tor Gaming have updated their online store with the new pricing for the Alkemy fantasy skirmish game.

From their announcement:

With effect from 23/6/10 the plastic items from the Alkemy range have new MSRPs. Here are the UK prices:

Jade Triad

  • KEALJAB901 Starter – Empire of the Jade Triade £18.19
  • KEALJAB002 Triadic Guards £11.19
  • KEALJAB003 Xian Ling, of the school of the hazed monkey £8.39
  • KEALJAB004 Jade Reinforcements £16.79
  • KEALJAB005 Fu Nihao and the shadows of the Cobra Guard £11.19

Kingdom of Avalon

  • KEALAVB901 Starter – Kingdom of Avalon £18.19
  • KEALAVB002 Templar novices £11.19
  • KEALAVB003 Deacon Leodegarius £8.39
  • KEALAVB004 Avalonian Reinforcements £11.19
  • KEALAVB005 Lotharius and Avalonian Retiarii £12.59

Aurlok Nation

  • KEALAUB901 Starter – Aurlok Nation £18.19
  • KEALAUB002 Toad Thunder-Warrors £11.19
  • KEALAUB003 Tamel’Seh, Alchemist of Koga £8.39
  • KEALAUB004 Auroch Rain Dancers £10.15
  • KEALAUB005 Aurlok Reinforcements £16.79

Khaliman Republic

  • KEALKHB901 Starter – Khaliman Republic £18.19
  • KEALKHB002 Malikh Tuaregs £11.19
  • KEALKHB003 Iëcha Bint Sornha, the guardian of the snow £8.39
  • KEALKHB004 Malikh Meharists £10.15
  • KEALKHB005 Khalimans Reinforcements £11.19

This change, along with the news of the move to metal and a ore regular (6 – 8 week) release schedule makes Alkemy a very much viable range once again.

So, if you have been toying with the idea of getting into this game, the time couldn’t be better.