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Tor Gaming updates stretch goals for Relics Reinforcements, posts new green

Tor Gaming also has their project running for Relics Reinforcements. They've updated their stretch goals and have also posted this updated green of the Vaelad.

From the update:

Kev is still plowing forward with sculpting and has sent over an update of the Vaelad. He/she/it is really starting to look creepy as hell! Still plenty to do on it, the head for example is just the start and Kev will be reducing it down to match the artwork.

Also, we have updated the stretch goal graphics to show the rest of the models and the order in which they can be smashed. We continue with individual stretch goals for the next four packs, then we move to double pack stretch goal and the last one is a group of three which will take us to the point of all the models in the rulebook sorted.