Tor Gaming to distribute Alkemy in the UK

Tor Gaming will be distributing Kraken Editions’ Alkemy fantasy skirmish game in the UK.

From their announcement:

Join the inhabitants of Mornea, the proud and fierce Khaliman republic, the peaceful Aurlok nation, the corrupted realm of Avalon and the prosperous Empire of the Jade Triad. Take part in the many fights that take place on Mornea, but always keep in mind that the only reason to fight is to gain control of the most prized resource of the broken world: The alchemical stones.

It gives us great pleasure to announce Tor Gaming is now the UK distributor for Kraken Editions Alkemy..

If you are a store who wishes to enquire about the range, please get in contact ( If you have a FLGS near you that you want to stock Alkemy, please tell them to contact us, or let us know their details and we will contact them.

As part of the Alkemy distribution, we will looking to promote the Galleon program in the UK and would love to hear from any and all players of Alkemy in the UK. Get in touch, email