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Tor Gaming sponsors WAMP 2011

Tor Gaming will be one of the sponsors for the WAMP 2011 painting contest. From their announcement:
WAMP-Forums have announced their very first 'off-line' event and Tor Gaming signed up as a category sponsor. The event is being hosted at the great Maelstrom Games venue (that's in Mansfield, UK in case you didn't know) and is happening on the 4th June 2011, the event will centre around a painting competition with seven categories plus a people's choice. There will be awards for each category plus the chance for additional prizes with such judges as:
  • Mike McVey – Founder Member of ‘Eavy Metal. World renowned painter and miniature designer. Co-founder of Studio McVey
  • Alison McVey – World renowned miniature painter. Co-founder of Studio McVey
  • Rob Cardiss – Multiple Golden Demon Winner & Wyrd Miniatures Studio Painter
  • Nigel Carman – Slayer Sword Winner
  • Robin Snelson – Renowned Historical judge & Co founder of The Basement Forum
You can read all the details on the WAMP-Forum Why are we announcing this? Well, Tor Gaming are sponsoring the Diorama/Duel category and not only that but we are offering a prize pot of the entire Relics range at the time of the competition for the category winner. So, get down there and join in the fun. You never know, you may even come away with an award