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Tor Gaming rewards loyal customers

Tor Gaming has launched a new Reward Scheme for people who buy off of their online shop.


From the announcement:

Here at Tor Gaming we think it's important to reward you, the shopper for shopping with us! As such, we have our little old Reward Scheme in actions.

How do you earn points?
There are four ways your can earn reward points:
Placing an order: Variable reward points
Registering an account on the store: 10 reward points
Subscribing to our newsletter: 5 reward points
Once you have placed your first order: 10 reward points

So, just by registering an account and signing up to the newsletter (which you can do at the same time for ease!) are earn 15 reward points!

How many reward points do I earn from purchases?

Each item on the store is worth a number of reward points. When viewing an item you can see the number of reward points you get when buying it displayed near the price. Once you place an order and we have marked it as shipped, your account will then be credited the reward points for that item!

The number of reward points an item is worth can vary but as a rule of thumb you get 1 reward point for each £1 you spend (excluding shipping)

How much are reward points worth?

Again, as with the number you earn, the worth of reward points varies depending on the item you are looking at using them on. As a rule of thumb, something like £1 will cost your 20 reward points. But this may vary from product to product depending on offers we have at the moment, margins on the items etc etc.

When viewing an item, you will see how many reward points it is to buy that item outright. Very handy for knowing what to aim for!

How do I know how many reward points I have earned?

When you are logged in to the store, if you view your profile you will see in the Orders section the 'Reward Points' option.

In there it will show you how many reward points your currently have and a history of how you have earned them and spent them too! Awesome hey!