Tor Gaming release Orcnar Unmann figures

Orcnar UnmannTor Gaming have released their Orcnar Unmann figures and they are now available for sale from their website.

From their announcement:
There are few things as unsettling as the blood curdling battle cries of the Unmann. They are the most common subspecies of the Orcnar and despite their limited capacity to reproduce; they manage to sustain a healthy population.

The Unmann adopt a primal approach to warfare and trust in their claws and teeth to slash and tear away at those who dare venture into their territories. They are a savage and ferocious opponent to face and generally prefer close quarter fighting to all other forms of combat.

The physical make up of the Unmann varies vastly from one warrior to the next; some of them will grow to full maturity within a matter of hours of spawning while the more unfortunate mutant throwbacks of the breed will die within the same amount of time. It is this ‘survival of the strongest’ attitude that underlies all values of the Orcnar society.

Despite their perceived low level of intelligence, their enemies need to be cautious not to underestimate them. There are few creatures in the world that can withstand the charge of a hungry Unmann who has caught the smell of blood in his nostrils.

It gives me a nice warm feeling inside to announce the Orcnar Unmann are now available to order from stock.
Packs contain three 32mm pewter models and is priced at £9.50

Details: Measuring: ~32 floor to eye. Models can be assembled into 9 different poses (separate left arms.)

And remember, if you live outside of the EU, you can knock 17.5% off that price as we don’t charge you UK VAT.