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Tor Gaming posts about upcoming changes in the new year for Relics

Tor Gaming shows that they're out to make a better gaming experience by learning from their mistakes and has posted up some changes they plan for some of their kits in the new year.


From the update:

In the new year we are looking to make a few changes to some packs in the Relics range.

These changes are designed to make the models easier and faster to cast which will help to alleviate stock replenishment issues. There will also be added benefits.....

We'll post more about it closer to the time but below are the items I can remember right now and how we are changing them:

Paenitentiam: These guys are a nightmare to cast. We will be thickening their lower legs so the metal has more room to flow and we are looking at reducing the number of chains to 2 and hopefully attaching the chains to a 'thing' that then attaches to the end of the arm - making assembly soooooo much easier. It also means by havign the attachment device we could then release weapon option packs for variant profiles with things like clubs or swords on.

Dragoons: they will now come with a single rear end design (the bum end, snigger) and less accessories. This enables us to use the extra space to get additional packs in the mould which will speed up casting. We will then reuse the wheel rear end for a new profile in development (light dragoons). The accessories taken out may end up in a 'Britanan Accessories' blister.

Varrier/Varbres: These guys are going to have their wings 'butterflied' and a pin attached. Then a socket added to the back of the models for the pin to be inserted into. This will make assemble a lot easier for these guys.

Elvspon: It looks like we will be changing this pack to include 3 of the star type sculpt. The tentacles head sculpt will go to being used for a variant Elvspon profile we have in development and we may do the same with the flame head or we may be dropping that sculpt as it has casting issues.... Not decided yet.