Tor Gaming partners with GCN

Tor Gaming is now working with the Gaming Club Network.

From their announcement:

It give me great pleasure to announce The Gaming Club Network has entered into partnership with Tor Gaming.

The Gaming Club Network (GCN) is a voluntary organisation, created in 1999, set upon the idea of bringing together like-minded people to encourage others to try our hobby. Their purpose is to provide the opportunity for individuals and member clubs to participate in the hobby of collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures, table top games and role play games.

The GCN strives to meet the following six objectives:

  • To assist running local gaming events
  • To support club activities
  • To assist running games at local and national levels
  • To provide a forum for gaming clubs
  • To facilitate club development
  • To promote good communications between Gaming Clubs, and games originators, manufacturers and retailers

This agreement between the GCN and Tor Gaming will see the GCN creating a team within the GCN that will be tasked with promoting Relics at shows and clubs and also delving into the murky world of playtesting the Relics system to help us ensure it is as free from rules creep and issues as is humanly possible.

This is, by no means, a one way relationship and the we have made available to GCN member clubs an exclusive, on going discount on the entire Relics range, and any other range or product we produce.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the GCN for their work on this agreement to date and I am sure that this will prove to benefit both the GCN and Tor Gaming as we move forward.

If you are interested in the GCN and want to find out more details, visit their website.