Tor Gaming Orcnar Unmann available for pre-order

Tor Gaming are now accepting pre-orders for their Orcnar Unmann figure.

Orcnar Unmann

From their announcement:

Despite their perceived low level of intelligence, their enemies need to be cautious not to underestimate them. There are few creatures in the world that can withstand the charge of a hungry Unmann who has caught the smell of blood in his nostrils.

We’ve just put the Unmann on to the store for pre-order.

Priced at £9.50 GBP per pack, they will be available from the 26th July or earlier (depending on how quickly they turn up). All pre-orders will be sent as soon as we have the models packed.

Pack contains three approximately 32mm multi-part, lead-free pewter miniatures. The models come with separate, interchangeable left arms allowing for 9 different poses