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Tor Gaming Ltd Announces Two new UK Retailers

Tor Gaming Ltd announces two new UK Retailer to carry their game Relics:

From their website:

First up we have Wayland Games ( You may have heard of them before. If not, what the..? Anyway, Wayland Games were quick to see the light and are now stocking the range on their on-line store.

Second in the ‘have seen the light’ category we have Square Orange Games ( Based in Gloucester, this online retailer offers some great ranges (especially now Relics is there!!) at some great prices! And that’s not to mention their free standard shipping on all order, no matter the destination!!! YIKES!

Check them both out if you haven’t done so before:

If you are a FLGS/FOLGS and you would like to stock Relics, you can contact us for further details, no matter what country you are in. We will either help you directly or give you details of a local distributor.

Or maybe you are a distributor who wants to carry our range and offer it to your retail network? get in touch.