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Tor Gaming looking for 3D Sculptors

Tor Gaming is looking for some new 3D Sculptors for the various minis they'd like to get made.


From the wanted sheet:

Hi all,

Tor Gaming are looking for 3d digital sculptors with experience of working towards the end goal of 3d printing AND CNC machining for plastic injection moulding with the skills required to produce digital 3d sculpts suitable for a 15mm range.

Interested parties should please email us on with examples of their digital sculpting and a guide to their pricing - you can say what you would charge for the examples you include if you want, just to give us an idea. No need to be 100% accurate as every job is different.

We would definitely love to hear from people in the UK with the necessary skills – especially if you are close to Sheffield.

If everyone else could kindly share this post, that would be great - you’re all awesome.

Gavin – Tor Gaming.