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Tor gaming holds painting competition

Tor gaming is running a painting contest on their website. Go slap some colored goop on a model and win a prize!

Who fancies a painting comp ala Relics?

Mr Dan, the pen man has suggested we do a painting competition for all you lovely folks to win a Nuem starter set (oh yes, a Nuem starter set!! w00t w00t!)

It’s pretty simple really, all you need to do is paint a Relics starter set of your choice and post pics on our forum. Simple rules….

* Sign up by posting below including the starter set you will be painting
* Starts on April 1st (no joke)
* 6 weeks to complete it
* We’re not bothered if you have already started to paint your entry or shown them on other websites.
* Must be completely finished to qualify – This means they need to all be based on their correct bases, fully painted etc.
* You will need to post your pics in the specified area on the forum
* You will be judged by someone eminently more qualified than me, most probably Brett our painter (I’ve not asked him yet but I’m sure he will be happy to do it.)
* The winner will win the Nuem starter when it is released/at the end of the competition if they are already out.
* The judges decision is final and he bites, so don’t argue with him!

So, this is going to be a tester. If we get enough interest and entries, we will make it semi regular and let you lot suggest subject matters for them.