Tor Gaming contest winners

Tor Gaming have posted the winners of their miniature give-away.

From their announcement:

With the release of the new Unmann sculpts for general purchase, we thought it would make the draw for the free miniatures. With each release, we randomly pick one person from our forum, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter pages and they all win a copy of that release.

This is a big one however as it includes the Troopers and Grenadiers from the Britanan faction. So, who has won and what have they won?

Britanan Trooper Pack

  • Facebook: Dan Berry
  • Twitter: jbhubbard
  • Tor Gaming Forum: terrement
  • Newsletter: James Sutherland-Thomas

Britanan Grenadier Pack

  • Facebook: Rhonda Bender
  • Twitter: TGN_grant
  • Tor Gaming Forum: Grimwolf
  • Newsletter: Wayne Jacobs

Orcnar Unmann Pack

  • Facebook: Tom Killingbeck
  • Twitter: Lucas_blackwolf
  • Tor Gaming Forum: cwallmmecolec
  • Newsletter: Nigel Povey

Now, we have sent messages to all except Dan Berry and Tom Killingbeck as we are unable too via Facebook. So guys, if you read this, please get in touch.

Congratulations to you all.