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Tor Gaming announces Reliquary Volunteer Program

Tor Gaming announces their new volunteer program the Reliquary.

From their announcement:

It is an honourable undertaking for one to walk the path of the Reliquary, a path that is littered with excitement and fulfilment, where hidden knowledge and untold wealth is waiting to be harvested at every turn.

There is no limit to the riches that can be gained from serving the Reliquary and many rare artefacts are rewarded for the efforts of the noble. Common items of wonderment are also readily available and can be earned easily and chosen to suit ones personal tastes.

It is important to note that the work of the Reliquaries is not limited to the humble world of Relicia and in the future those who display exceptional dedication to the cause will be invited to join us on our travels as we explore new realms and kingdoms such as the land where the dragons dwell… or the place where the dead walk amongst the living and maybe even one day to the far away fabled planet of Grimmorea…
Join the honoured Reliquary now and get your share of the riches!

Join the Reliquary Here!