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Tor Gaming 5th Anniversary Sale

Tor Gaming turns 5 years old this month.
*hands out cake and party hats to everyone*
They've got a special deal going on where all orders between now and April 19 get a surprise.
It might be a little pin, or a free model, or just a little bit of whatever (maybe you'll get a spin caster. Never know).

From the announcement:

Hi all, it seems Tor Gaming turned 5 years old this month and I forgot!

So to celebrate, we are giving away a gift with all orders from today until the 19th April.

What is the free gift? Depends, it could be:

* A Trooper enamel pin badge
* A St Nik model
* or some other random stuff that we have laying around!!

To get one of these items just place an order of at least £20 (excl shipping) between now and the 19th April and we will automatically include the freebie 'just like that'.