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Topside Minis Launches WWI Set for "Fatal Choices"

Topside Minis set sail new WWI ships to coincide with the Fatal Choices Kickstarter campaign wherein several naval battles from WWI are evaluated and "what-if" scenarios are put forth on how things could have been different.

Fatal Choices


From the release:

Seth Owen has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his “Fatal Choices” WWI naval simulation book. The book covers the WWI naval campaigns of the Coronel and Falklands Islands between the British and German navies in 1914. Seth’s book gives historical background and analyzes these battles to provide “what if” scenarios to let you play out the battles yourself using naval miniatures. There were many criticisms of the German commander and through this book you can now play these scenarios out to see if the criticisms are justified.

The Kickstarter campaign provides a support level that will include a set of Topside Minis to use with the “Fatal Choices” book. The set includes all the ships in Seth’s book plus a few extra to allow you to build on the “what if” scenarios provided.

Visit our website to see the complete set of these new ships!