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TooFatLardies Scenario Competition

The TooFatLardies blog has details of the TooFatLardies Scenario Competition. From their website:
Well, as we enter March I thought I’d post some details of the Scenario competition that we are currently running.  What we are looking to do is produce a free download of scenarios for lots of our rule sets in order to allow gamers new to Lard to get an idea of how the games play.  We thought that the best way to get a whole range of ideas would be to have a competition where we ask gamers to submit their scenarios.  So, to help any potential scenario writes out there were suggest that the following structure is used. 1.  The name and the rule set.  Tell us what the scenario is called and which rule set it is for. 2.  The introduction. Give us a bit of background to the scenario, if it’s based on an historical action let us know a bit about what has gone on prior to this battle. 3.  Briefings.  One each for the two sides.  This should tell them their objectives for the game, their forces and where they deploy at the start of the game. 4.  A map of the table.  Any format, scribbled on a scrap of paper is fine, we can do the artwork for the finished product.   5.  Umpire’s Notes.  Tell us what the terrain is like, how dense that wood is, can that river be crossed, when any reinforcements arrive and anything else relevant like scenario specific rules.  Also confirm the victory conditions here as well. And that’s it.