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TooFatLardies release So Far from God supplement

So Far from GodTooFatLardies have released the So Far from God supplement for their Sharp Practice Napoleonic skirmish rules. From their website:
The great news here on Lard Island is that So Far from God, our US-Mexican War supplement for Sharp Practice has arrived.  I have long thought that this is a conflict ideally suited for large skirmishes or small battles and we have had great fun playtesting these.  The supplement includes a section on rule amendments for the period, all of which are also incorporated into a new two sided playsheet that will allow you to just grab that and save referencing the main rules or the supplement during normal game play.  Additionally there are guide to the US and Mexican forces, how they were organised and armed and of course suggested troop ratings for the conflict.  All of which means that organising your wargame forces should be simple.  Personally I have gone with forty to fifty regular line infantry per side and then added a Group or so of other units so that I can mix and match to get a wide variety of scenario options. 
Check out their blog for more details.