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Too Fat Lardies Taking General d’Armee Pre-Orders Now

Too Fat Lardies Taking General d’Armee Pre-Orders Now

A new set of Napoleonic military rules are about to hit tabletops from Too Fat Lardies. General d’Armee is off to the printers and will be back soon, fresh and ready to head your way. If you’d like your copy as soon as possible, you can put your name on the list to get one.

From the announcement:

Great news, with the proof in from the printer we can take a first look at the rules and show you just what a great looking book this is. Once again, we have used veteran wargamer and greatly respected designer Henry Hyde to produce a set of rules which is easy on the eye and laid out in a manner which allows the gamer to get the information needed simply and with plenty of illustrations and examples of play. We think you’ll agree that this makes for a very good looking book but one that’s also highly functional; always important in the heat of battle!