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Too Fat Lardies releases Avgvstvs to Avrelian

Too Fat Lardies has just released Avgvstvs to Avrelian, a minis game based on the Roman empire.

From the release:

Available now from Too Fat Lardies, is a new set of 'ancients' rules by Phil Hendry: AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN.

AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN is aimed at people wishing to fight battles set during the height of the Roman Empire. The game is playable with miniatures of any scale, and using any basing standard.

The main aim of the rules is to place the player in the sandals of the general. The mechanisms aim to limit the 'helicopter general' effect. The emphasis is not on the ‘micro-management’ of individual units. Rather, it is hoped that the player will take on the role of the ancient general, accept that he has limited control, and enjoy trying to make the most of what influence he has. The player’s role most of the time, rather like that of the ancient general, is one of reacting to events rather than controlling them. This may be a source of frustration if you're used to having minute control over every aspect of the battle.

Generally speaking, you won't have enough resources to control every aspect of the battle, all of the time, so you have to choose when, and where, to apply those resources. The skill, and a lot of the fun, in the game lies in trying to ensure that the commanders are in the right place at the right time. And, once there, does the commander stand back and control the units, making sure each undertakes just the right manoeuvres, or does he grab a spare shield, shoulder his way into the front rank, and lead by example - inspiring the troops around him (but losing most of his influence over the other units around him)? There will be times when each of those approaches turns out to be the best one.

The rules are published in PDF format only. Each version contains all that you need to play, apart from figures, dice and terrain. The three versions are as follows: A 'navigable' tablet edition, aimed at iPads and similar tablets, or laptops, full-colour, with hyperlinks; a printable PDF edition, with reduced colour to save ink; a bundle edition, containing both the navigable and printable versions