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TONIC - The Music Improvisation Card Game up on Kickstarter

I used to play the trumpet. I started in 6th grade and played into my first couple years of college. I got to be pretty good, if I do say so myself (I was section leader in marching band in high school, getting a duet and solo during the show). I did concert band, but not jazz band. That was for two reasons: 1. I really couldn't swing very well. Straight-8s for me. and 2. I couldn't improvise at all. Well, if Tonic, the Music Improvisation Card Game, had been around 15+ years ago, I might've been able to try out for jazz band. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

There are no winners and losers in Tonic. There is only the music. With the help of a deck of cards and some dice, the game is designed to help those that don't know how to improvise learn to, and those that already know how, to help expand their repertoire. No music theory degree required. Just set up and go. The game is good for any instrument and any ability level.

The campaign is around 2/3 funded and still has 29 days left to go.