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Tombstone Wild West Skirmish Game Up On Kickstarter

Mount up, men! We'll head them off at the pass!
The Old West is a rather iconic time. Gunslingers on the streets of cities like Durango and Dodge. Banditos down in Texas. Saloons. Cowboy hats. Now, a new miniatures game looks to bring the spirit of that time to your tabletops. It's called Tombstone and it's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Tombstone is an old west skirmish game for two players. Typically you will start with around 6-8 models in your posse, this will increase as you earn more funds and recruit more members. You can of course play one off games and start with as many or as few models as you like. The game is designed for our 32mm miniatures but any models from 25-40mm would work fine. We suggest playing on a 48”x 48” (4x4’) table, again this is a guide and you can play on any size you prefer.

As you choose which faction you will pay with (there are six: Lawmen, Outlaws, Mexicans, Natives, 7th Cavalry and Undead) you select different gang types and weapons within the starting money you have available. In this way you can tailor your gang from the start to suit your style. A small and well armed gang? Or lots of less skilful members? Each faction has different attributes and skills meaning they all play slightly differently.