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Tombs of the Dark Sun now available from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Secret Weapon Miniatures is taking pre-orders for their new Tombs of the Dark Sun terrain piece over in their webshop.



From the website:

The Malice RPG Starter Set includes the following pressure cast, polyurethane resin components:

Double stone door @1
Archway @1
Doorway with stone door @1
Room tile 4x4 @1
Room tile 2x2 @1
Room tile quarter @2
4x4 Feature room tile @1
Passageway tile 2x1 @2
Passageway tile 2x2 @2
Passageway tile 2x4 @1
1x1 corner A @2
1x1 corner B @2
Corner A @2
Corner B @2
Curved corner @2
Feature wall B @1
1x1 sq wall A @1
1x1 sq wall B @1
2x1 wall A @2
2x1 wall B @2
2x1Wall C @2
1x4 wall @2
Lords casket with lid @1

Master sculpts by Klaus Teschner
Produced under license from Dart Art Miniatures