TOG release fantasy adventure card game

TOG Entertainment have released a new fantasy adventure card game, Noggle Stones.

Noggle Stones

From their announcement:

“White, gray, and black stones scattered ‘cross the board, now you must unite them to become the Noggle Lord!”. Based upon the novel of the same name by Wil Radcliffe, Noggle Stones the Card Game is a game for 2 players. One side plays the Heroes and one side plays Shadow

The “stones” represent the 5 Hero Characters…Manchester, Bugbear, Maga, Riley and Tudmire. They must unite to form the Noggle Lord in order to destroy the evil Shadow Smith. Each Hero Character must gather its Attribute card and combine together to begin creating the Noggle Lord. They are opposed by the Shadow Characters…Ollamh Cron, Duergar, Constable Pawe, Magistrate Dunderbeck and the Shadow Smith. Players use Ally, Relic and Event cards to help them gain advantage and do battle against each other. A fast paced game with loads of strategy, players face different challenges in each game they play.

Game Components

  • 50 Hero Cards
  • 50 Shadow Cards
  • 1 Dungeon Card
  • Rulebook