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To TempleCon and back...

Hey everyone,

Last weekend,CoolMiniorNot went to TempleCon 2012 in Rhode Island. For those of you that have not been to TempleCon before, it is one of the biggest Steampunk conventions on the east coast and also has a huge miniature games presence. This convention brings gamers from all across the globe, San Diego, Alaska, England and even Denmark to come play games and hang out with friends new and old. One of my favorite things about TempleCon is the environment it creates. It has a great blend of gaming and party atmosphere, which makes for a great weekend. You can find yourself so focused on one part of the convention that you forget that it takes up a majority of the hotel and there is always something to do.

At the convention this year, we ran a “Road to the Crystal Brush”, which is a qualifier event for the Crystal Brush, held at Adepticon. We had over 50 entries, across 4 categories and I was very impressed with the amount of high quality painting in the competition. There were a lot of entries, and it was exciting to see more and more come during the show, but it fit the case just enough. The Overall Winner was Grant Garvin, with his Death Korps of Krieg Vendetta. He won a plane trip to Adepticon and a chance to participate in the Crystal Brush 2012!

The TempleCon staff does a great job running the convention and making sure that everything goes smoothly. Grant and Ximon (the convention organizers and heart and soul behind TempleCon) rocked it this year and I am glad that I had the chance to go again.

There are lots of volunteers from different game companies that run some fantastic events as well. The Privateer Events are almost non-stop during the show, with numbers reaching over 300 players you are certain to find a game at any time over the weekend. D6 Generation ran an awesome Firestorm Armada game, which looked like a lot of fun. And I look forward to listening to the GutsNGears team game against Privateer Press, I walked in during their live recording so I am sure that made it a little more exciting.

And in case you had not been following, Lost Hemisphere raised $1778.00 in funds that will be forwarded to the Hope Alzheimer’s Center, and will go towards helping those suffering from, and caring for those afflicted with, Alzheimer’s.

Overall TempleCon was a great convention, and I cannot wait to go back next year! It was great to catch up with alot of friends that I had not seen in a while. Stay tuned for more updates as I travel to conventions around the country this year too.

CoolMiniOrNot TempleCon Photos