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To Found an Empire: Book Five, The Fragile Threads Now Available For Ponyfinder

You'd think that after a major evil was defeated that things would be great for everyone afterward. But that's not always the case. So, sure, Teralos has had about a decade of peace, but things are getting troubling again. Will the heroes be able to keep the peace, or will everything they've worked for fall apart? That's what's happening in The Fragile Threads, the 5th book in the To Found an Empire series for Ponyfinder. You can pick up your copy now.

About the book:

A Ponyfinder Campaign for a group of ninth level adventurers with all party sizes from three to seven supported. This module contains enough material for a good number of normal length adventuring sessions and will allow your players to gain two levels as they play through it.

The Fragile Threads continues events ten years after The Clockwork Usurper and while it can be played as a stand-alone adventure to get the full experience we recommend playing the previous modules in To Found an Empire before playing this one. Taralos has had a few years of peace, unfortunately though peace has not brought prosperity and murmurs of discontent are growing both within the population and with its allies. Our heroes will need to safeguard a wedding, answer challenges, track down notorious thieves and finally hunt one of the biggest threats in Everglow before they are finished.

To Found an Empire explores the world of Everglow just before the formation of the Pony Empire. Our heroes will see the kingdoms and tribes that came together to form the empire and maybe even experience that transformation themselves.