Title Bout Boxing to be re-released

PT Games has announced that they’ll be re-creating the classic Title Bout Boxing game with updated rules.



From the announcement:

PT Games is excited to announce that the Title Bout Game of Professional Boxing has been exclusively licensed from the Trunzo Brothers, Jim and Tom, the creators of the original game. PT Games will bring back the greatness of the original and working with the Trunzo’s adding a few new wrinkles.

Title Bout has remained a beloved tabletop boxing game for many fans of boxing and board games, even 35 years after introduction Title Bout is highly sought after on ebay and other auction sites.

Now the wait is finally over. You will once again be able to buy the game and for a fraction of the going ebay rate. In fact we will offer the game and cards with PDF or Print options. Using the same high-gloss heavy cardstock and great pieces that PT Games buyers have come to expect or if you prefer instant PDF availability. But it doesn’t stop there.

The new edition tentatively titled ‘Advanced Title Bout’ will retain all of the charm of the original game, including fighters rated in over 25 categories, FAC Cards, a game board with all of the charts right on the board, easy to understand and quick to learn rules, but with many new updates. With the passage of time and the advent of better stats the fighters will be more accurately rated and a few new things will be added to the gameplay. The gameboard will become smaller, charts easier to read, and my favorite, we will be asking for your input. After 35 years of playing the game, you get a voice in the new edition.

What are the new wrinkles? Want to make your voice heard? Stand by and watch the PT Games Sports forum for more details.