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Titans Tactics - New Tatical Board Game - On Sale Now

Imbalanced Games has released Titans Tactics, a new tactical board game you can play in a half-hour.


From the release:

The Titans wage an endless war...Only you can break the deadlock!

Titans Tactics is a 30 minute tactical board game for 2 players. Every game, the players choose Champions from a roster of thirty and pit them against one another on the battlefield. The focus is on skill, not randomness, as players control their Champions, plan their moves, and defeat all those standing in their way.

Titans Tactics is a fast-paced head to head skirmish board game designed to deliver deep strategy. Lead Factions of Dragons, Angels, Pirates, Monsters, or Undead Soldiers into battle against your opponent in a race to become the most powerful Titan.

Do you have what it takes to be a Titan?