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Titanium Dropship 2014 - 15mm sci fi painting competition happening now

Dropship Horizon has a 15mm sci-fi painting contest going on over on their blog right now. They've got prizes from a bunch of different companies you could win if your painting is the best.


From the contest:

Our goal is, obiously, to promote 15mm Sci Fi gaming, not just to the choir but toward the wider miniature gaming community! To this end we've taken onboard nearly every single 15mm Sci Fi miniatures manufacturer, a few rules editors and assembled quite a cargo hold full of prizes!

Have a look on the Dropship, but long story short:
- It's an online competition: participant send pictures of their entries to
- The deadline is 15FEB
- There are three categories: Squad Leader (group of 4-12 infantry), Vehicle Commander (single vehicle), Combat Engineer (10x10 to 20x20 - cm! - terrain/building or cluster terrain of equivalent coverage)
- Prizes by ClearHorizon Miniatures, Ground Zero Games, Darkest Star Games, ZombieSmith, Mad Mecha Guy, Brigade Models, Two Hours Wargames, Critical Mass Games, Black Hat Miniatures, Gruntz, The Ion Age,, ACPGames and Eureka Miniatures
What can you do?
- Participate: even if you're not into 15mm Sci Fi, it's a great occasion to dip your toes in (running the risk of catching the bug) and to pit yourself against the best of the community!
- Help us spread the word: use any part of this message or the original blog post and repost it, facebook it, tweet it, do whatever socialmediay thing the kids do those day! Help us go viral!

Thank you very much for your time!