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Titan Forge to bury you under Undead Wyvern contest

Titan-Forge wants to put your name on the tombstone beneath their Undead Wyvern. Just comment to the thread to enter.

From the update:

Wyvern Mark II! Some of the armour was removed exposing some flesh and bones. How about now?

Maybe we should add even more awesomeness to it. You ask: is it possible? Imagine that the large tombstone griped by this monstrosity has a name of your choosing engraved on it? Hated enemy, best friend, or even your own? Whats more - the winner will also receive a free Undead Wyvern! Wanna be a part of Titan Forge - like and add a comment below ("me want" for example). The winner will be announced on 30.11
Worth a try?