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Titan-forge previews Possessed Metal Beards Standard Bearer artwork

Titan-forge has a preview up of their Possessed Metal Beards Standard Bearer artwork over on their Kickstarter page.


From the preview:

Hi there! Time for some update!

Despite having soome time free from work we managed to do some concept art of the Standard Bearer hero for the evil Metal Beards: The Possessed Standard Bearer will come with a few choices of equipment. The one you can see above comes with a hand weapon and a shield, but we also plan to give him a two - handed weapon. Also, you can see a gas mask on his face - we also think about making that an option, like for a Possessed Overlord.

S?awek is currently working very hard on more concept arts - they should appear soon!

We also hope you have a great christmas, with lots of food and cool presents! We sure have lots of food...