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Titan-forge previews new Metal Beards renders

Titan-forge gives us a look at some new renders for their Metal Beards project including the Dread Cannon and the Chainbeards.


From the campaign:

Wooo hooo guys & gals! Are you ready to party? Year 2013 was quite good for us, but it seems that 2014 will be even better!

In this update we wanted to talk about some of our plans for this campaign. We entered a steady phase of the kickstarter campaigns when the stretch goals become unlocked in a matter of days instead of hours, but this is pretty normal for crowdfunding projects, and in truth, give us some breath and some space. We designed this campaign as a two stage project - first stage was the development of Metal Beards range, and on reaching the 15 000 pounds stretch goal, we began the second phase - creating Sons of Kashan Vra. However, this doesn't mean, the regular Metal Beards will only have those units which are already unlocked, no. Some of you folks provide us with cool ideas we could use to make some really nice models for the dwarves, and right now, we decided to add two more unit choices to the Metal Beards:

a) 5 Metal Beards with Jet Packs
b) 5 Metal Beards gone berserk, with mohawk heads and dynamic poses.