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Titan-forge previews Metal Beards Sentinels

Titan-forge has another Metal Beards preview up. This one's for a Sentinel.


From the preview:

ATTENTION PLEASE! It's time to resolve to contest for a name! But we have a little surprise for you guys & gals. We had a difficult time on choosing only one name you guys presented - they were too awesome to be discarded. So, instead of only one, we picked a few of them and named more than one unit of our new products! And the happy winners are:

@Marcellus Von Rabenfels for Ironfists
@Stasiek Kubiak for Mountain Crushers
@Tyler Wang for Dreadhammers (we didn't use the name right now, but we have some plans for it!)
@Emmet D. Ferguson for Anvilborn

And a small gift for @Mike Hawkins - never let your spirit down!

In the meanwhile, here is another badass Metal Beard, straight from the forge! This one is called Sentinel Slayer, and supposingly is "medium" infrantry...

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