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Titan-forge prevews new 3D renders and art for Metal Beards Kickstarter

Titan-forge has less than 3 days left on their Metal Beards Kickstarter campaign and they're still showing off new artwork and renders. Go take a look.


From the campaign:

It's time to show some heavy firepower! First of all, we want to show all the warmachines till the weekend so you can check them out and get some idea what they will look like. So they're pretty raw, missing a lot of details that will appear later - crystals, skulls, horns. Right now they are still deepin WIP stage, but you can see the overall idea. However, we will add a lot of bits and pieces to those warmachine sets, like chains, crystal caskets, so you could personalize each warmachine as you like, making them more possessed or keeping the "evil" theme toned a bit. This will also help Metal Beards fans if they would like to get their hands on one of those warmachines, or the other way - you could add a Sons of Kashan Vra flavour to a Dread Cannon for example.