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Titan-Forge Metal Beard preview and name-that-unit competetition

Titan-forge is showing off a 3D render for a new Metal Beard mini that'll be part of a new squad they're coming out with. Along with that, they're looking for names for the new unit.


From the announcement (note: All references to making name suggestions in the thread should be done on their Facebook page) :

IMPORTANT NEWS! It's 6th of December, and Santa gave us a little present for you guys. Remember the small sneak peek we showed on our blog? Here you have a full picture. Pretty badass eh?

To make things more interesting - we have a contest for you! The 3D model we showed today is a part of a 10 man unit. Now, we don't have a PROPER name for them. That's your task, be creative! The only limitation - this name should fit the clad in heavy armour, wielding the biggest of weapons, proudly wearing the biggest of beards! As a reward - you'll get the 10 man unit of them!

Are you up to the challenge? The contest will last until 12th December!