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Titan-Forge launches X Terra vs Daemons kickstarter project

Titan-Forge has their latest Kickstarter project underway. They've left behind the steam and iron for the wide open spaces of outer space. Whether you want some of the X-Terra Space Force or some of the demonic Daemonic Kingdom, they've got the minis for you. They're already more than 2x funded, with some stretch goals already unlocked.


From the campaign:

X-Terra vs DK is our fourth miniatures crowndfunding project. After DM, MBFFT and the MB/SoKV armies, which were, just like most of our products, set in a fantasy setting, the time has come for Sci-Fi. We present the brave Guardians of X-terra and their demonic foes. Miniatures in this campaign are made of eco-friendly resin in 28mm scale and are designed for gamers and collectors.

In our project you can choose between two types of rewards - point rewards and bundle rewards.

-Point Rewards work just as they did in our previous campaigns - every one of them contains a number of points that you can spend in the pledge manager for products that we unlock during the campaign.
-Bundle Rewards allow you to choose one of the sets from the bundles section. We have 3 of them at the moment, but as the campaign progresses and more models are unlocked, more will be added. A bundle reward's contents are set, so you just need to give us your postage info.

Regardless of which reward you choose, you can purchase additional points for $1 for 20pts.